Monday, December 4, 2017


Dear Bukasa Supporters,
2nd/3rd grade students receiving shoes
Main characters in the Pig Project
     We are so appreciative of you and your generous support of Ever-Increasing Children’s Center in Bukasa Village, Uganda. Because of your faithful giving, during 2017 we have been able to provide support to Pastor George and his community in significant ways. Early in the year you contributed funds to allow expansion of the school to include grades 4 and 5. In July we sent a small team to Bukasa Village and provided shoes for 100 children, Bibles for local pastors, and donated a large quantity of basic medical supplies. In addition you provided an updated water purification system for the school, made it possible for several more needy families to enroll in the on-going Pig Project, and provided additional funds for teacher salaries.
Most recently, you responded with $4500 this fall for the treatment of 3 medical emergencies. We are happy to report that each patient is currently under professional medical care.
     As you consider charitable giving at year’s end please consider a financial gift to Ever Increasing Children’s Center. Funds donated now will help us work toward meeting the up-coming challenges of 2018, including:
*finishing the primary school through grade 7 ($15K total)
*monthly internet service to facilitate pastor training ($60-100 pr/mo)
*new Pig Project enrollees ($250 pr/fam)
*pig vaccines against swine flu, ($100 pr/yr pr/fam) 
*student sponsorships ($40 pr/mo or $480 pr/yr).

Dora and family- Pig Project participants 
       Every dollar you give will move iheartBukasa closer to helping meet the many challenges ahead.
I look forward to hearing from you by December 31. Please pray for us and our brothers and sisters in Christ in Bukasa. Blessings to you for a Merry Christmas! 
With gratitude for your partnership,
Bob Rhoads

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Construction on 5th grade classroom
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Monday, November 20, 2017

Medical Treatment Being Arranged!

Dear Bukasa Supporters-
Margaret- Pastor George's wife
Thank you all for your response to the medical needs in Bukasa Village. Because of your generous giving we have been able to send $4,500 to be used for treatment of Frankie’s hydrocele/urinary issues, Margaret’s dental work, and for removal of Esther’s ovarian cyst. Pastor George wanted me to pass along his sincere thanks and gratitude for your love and concern. 
We are thankful that God has allowed us connection and friendship with these dear people and we are so appreciative of your partnership and faithfulness.
Happy Thanksgiving,

Bob and Bukasa Team 2017

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Medical Needs:

Dear Friends of Bukasa-
Thank you for your continued friendship and partnership with iheartBukasa. We are grateful for your generous contributions that enabled us to travel to Uganda again this summer and provide hands-on support of the students, teachers, pastors, and women of the village. 
During our time in Bukasa we became aware of a few medical needs that have since become urgent in nature: young Esther (PG’s daughter) is in need of surgery to remove an ovarian cyst; Margaret (PG’s wife) is suffering with infected teeth- so much so that her jaw is badly swollen making speaking and eating difficult; and a young boy named Frankie suffers from a urinary/kidney infection. We have recently received $2000 of the $4500 necessary to treat these conditions. Would you please consider partnering with us now to help meet these immediate needs? 
Margaret, Faith, and Donna
Thank you in advance.
Blessings to you all,

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