Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Blessings & Need

          Thank you for your continued and loyal support of Ever Increasing Children’s Center. Many children and families are blessed by your generous support. God is at work! Pastor George relayed this update to share with you the blessings being enjoyed in Bukasa and the need that still exists.

          PG’s major focus is instituting ways to help the school become financially self sufficient. He is working toward this in these two ways:

 Pig Project:
          Twelve families now have pigs. Families on the 30-family waiting list will join the program as funds are provided. Families repay the initial $200 cost by giving the first litter to the school. The school, as well as the families, earn income by managing the herd- selling piglets, slaughtering adult pigs, etc. As long as the herd is managed efficiently, income is slow but steady.

Micro-loan Project: 
          The program began in August of 2014 with 32 people, four teams of 8 members. Repayment of the $75-$100 loan is required. If a member defaults team members must make up the difference or all will be disqualified from applying for future loans. Teamwork and interdependence is critical to success. Currently 54 people have received loans with all loans being repaid including one default, due to death of a member. With repayment of the initial loan, plus interest, funds are replenished making more loans possible. There are 70 entrepreneurs waiting to start a business that will help them earn income to support their families. 


Family Care:
          Pastor Moses, PG’s brother, passed away Feb. 2014. His wife is unemployed and has lost her mud home during a recent storm. PG has taken on the care of these 6 additional people. His meager income is provided by church members but it does not cover the cost of his own family. If God prompts your heart, we need a family to stand with Pastor Moses’ wife and five children.  As little as $50-$100 per month would help with rent, daily food, clothing, and school fees.

School Property:
           A neighboring building is available for purchase at a cost of $7000. To convert it into school use is $4000. With this property the school would expand to accommodate P4 and P5.  Would you prayerfully consider contributing funds to make this purchase possible?

Pig Project: 
          Families are needed to provide the $200 purchase price of 4 pigs for families on the waiting list.

          Thank you in advance for praying for Bukasa and for your sacrificial giving. May the Lord receive glory and praise for your faithfulness.  You can partner with us in meeting the needs above by clicking the "donate" button below.

Blessings, Bob