Thursday, February 13, 2014

New School Year Begins on Time!

Dear Friends-
With funds from the KIF Grant and from our online Indiegogo Campaign, Pastor George was able to add two classrooms, a new kitchen, and an office/ storage room and open the school on time!  I thought you might enjoy reading a recent letter from him (below) providing additional details.
As he mentions, we are in the early stages of planning a trip to Africa this summer- June 28-July 8, cost $3000. We would love you to join us.  We will spend about 4 days in Bukasa helping with a variety of tasks, several days at nearby God Cares School in Kampala, one day visiting the high school, and several days ministring in neighboring villages. If interested please contact me right away.

Dear Jaja Bobby,
Greetings to you and all our friends and supporters, in the name of our lord Jesus Christ.
I want to say thank you for your care and support, your reword is with the lord Jesus Christ, we are trying our best to see that on Monday, we will be able to start or to open the school, but we still have much to do before we open the school on Monday.
Yes i got the money you sent $4000 which we are using to see that we cover up every thing before the kids comes back to school on Monday.
the city have told us, that they will be coming on Monday to inspect the building, and to see how we have prepared to start, we have done at list free quoters of the all work so pray for us that we finish up the remaining quoter before Monday.
I have send you the photos of the new buildings we are building, this include the kitchen & two classes plus the store, the work is bigger that we estimated so pray for us that we complete the project.
send my greetings to every one over there, we love and we pray for all of you.
You talked  about coming in July this year, are still working on it? for us we are waiting to have you as our visitors in July, i was talking  with pastor Dong about your coming, and he was advising that you can come as a group, and we will be able to host you, the kids here and all the church would like to see you face to face, so pleas do come this year, and you will be able to see what we have done in the church also at the school a lot have changed both in school and the church all because of your help,
God bless you all.
your brother in Christ:
Pastor Kisolo George.        

  Thanks for your continued prayers and support of Bukasa School.

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