Monday, October 19, 2015

Pastor Dongo with Jesus-

     We just learned this morning that Pastor Dongo passed away late yesterday afternoon after struggling for many months with cancer.  Last year he spent long months here in the US to receive treatment for cancer originally diagnosed in his back.  While here, Dr. Pat Reiten, a long time friend and well respected local surgeon, served as his medical liaison.  He underwent surgery and follow-up treatment locally and then received further treatment at the City of Hope last winter.  He responded well and recovered here for a long period of time.  After many months of healing, he sought further recuperation with friends and supporters at his Texas God Cares support base. 
Pastor Dongo and Florence
Pastor Dongo returned home late last spring to a welcoming family and a happy church/school community.  He was feeling better and was eager to receive short-term mission teams throughout the summer.  In early fall he began experiencing pain and discomfort again.  Doctors feared his cancer had returned.  Because visa issues prevented him from returning to the US for further treatment, he and a team of doctors were currently considering the possibility of having US doctors travel to Uganda to administer treatment there.  
I was blessed to know this happy and energetic man of God.  His genuine concern for people and heart for children was an inspiration.  His vital and authentic life of faith was evidence of the life-giving grace of our Lord.  We are trusting God’s sovereign hand over Pastor Dongo, his work, the school, the children, his own family, and the ministry for the years ahead.  For the many who knew him, thank you for your prayers and support of his ministry.  Please be praying for his wife, Florence, their children, and for the many children whose lives have been changed through God Cares Schools.


More than 20 years ago Pastor George was an active member of Pastor Dongo’s church in Kampala.  In 1996 he felt God’s calling to plant a church in Bukasa village.  With Pastor Dongo’s support he moved his family into Bukasa and became the local pastor and community advocate.  In 2009 I joined a short-term mission trip to serve Pastor Dongo and his God Cares ministry.  While there we were sent to villages to pray for these young pastors and for the churches they had planted.  That’s where I met Pastor George.  
     During the past 6 years Ever Increasing Children’s Center has grown from 20 students to over 120.  The staff has increased from four members to nine.  The impact of the school on children and families is immeasurable.  Pastor George is hoping to purchase adjoining property to allow for two more classrooms.  Property cost: $7,000.  If you wish to contribute to the building fund please do so by clicking the "donate" button below.