Tuesday, August 27, 2013

No School Closure Before December

          Pastor George informed me this week that the City of Kampala will allow Ever Increasing Children's Center to finish this year's term!  Closure will take effect starting in February if corrections are not made by the new year.  The city inspection in the spring of 2012 sited these violations:
     -inadequate latrines
     -kitchen smoke entering classrooms causing poor air quality
     -a solution must be provided to relieve overcrowded classrooms
During the past year Pastor George was able to purchase land near the school and build 4 new latrines which are only for student use.  This satisfied one issue from the above list.
           The school community is now in negotiations with a landowner to purchase their plot of land within the village and near the existing school.  The house would be renovated and made into a kitchen.  And there is room enough to construct two additional classrooms.  The land price is $8,000 USD.  The cost of labor/materials is $6,000.  Total = $14,000.
Students of Ever Increasing Children's Center
          Tomorrow I will be submitting a grant request to Kingdom Investment Foundation of Tucson for $10,00 to help fund this project.  If we get the grant (announced in Nov.) we will still have a $4,000 shortfall to make up.  I have included a supply list to give you an idea of what is involved.  Would you prayerfully consider making a donation or sponsoring a portion of the purchase or construction costs with a financial gift?  Every generous contribution is greatly appreciated.
Mail support checks to:
    Project Love International
    5855 Topanga Canyon
    Suite 400
    Woodland Hills, CA
Write "Bukasa" on the memo line.

Land:                                                            $8,000

4000 bricks @ 11.2 cents each                $450
Roofing timbers (100)                               $400
Load of small stones (3)                           $300
Load of sand (6)                                       $200
Gravel/water                                            $100
Bags of cement (40)                                 $450
Nails, wire, steel rebar                              $800
Windows (12) @ $75 each                       $900
Geri cans paint (4)                                   $140
Lighting/wiring                                         $150
Pots, pans, cooking utensils                      $50

Roofing                                                    $200
Day’s wage $50 X 21 days (12 men)    $1250
Total                                                   $14,000

Last Note:
Many church members of Ever Increasing Miracle Church are in need of Bibles.  Do you have a Bible at home, in good condition, that you would consider donating to Bukasa Village?  If so, please contact me (805-492-4020) and I will gladly come and pick up from you.  I will bundle them up and send them along to Uganda with the next team that visits- perhaps in February.  Many thanks in advance for your generosity,  support, and prayers for those in need in Bukasa.