Monday, April 3, 2017

Garage Sale Results

Thank you all for your donated items and for your continued support of Ever Increasing Children's Center in Bukasa Village. On Saturday, April 1st, we hosted our largest and most successful garage sale yet! We are waiting to hear about the few items posted on Craig's List but so far the total sales amount to $1,655! 

I wanted to give special thanks to Jim, Charles, Anna, Marjorie, Nita, Andy, Madi, Ana, Marlene, Donna G, Donna O, Christine, and Sarah who came to help set up, sell, and clean up at days end- with a special salute to little James, who donated all proceeds from his donut/brownie booth.

       An important element in the success of our garage sale was Craig Sturges' Dodge Ram Truck! What a lifesaver! Yes, the white streak you saw flying around town was me as I drove the wheels off Thurs./Fri. collecting and delivering items from Westlake to NP. My task would have been murder in the VW bug my neighbor offered me. Glad I turned him down for a better ride. Thanks Craig!  


      With these earnings Pastor George will be able to complete the purchase of additional property to expand his school. Renovation cost ($1500) is the next hurdle to jump before his June 30th deadline.


      More news to come as we clarity the matching/supplemental gift offer we received earlier. We are grateful to you all and thankful to the Lord for His faithfulness and provision.

      If you would like to help Pastor George renovate his newly purchased property click the 'donate' button below. This link will take you directly to our World Partners page for an online contribution. Thanks in advance for your support.


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