Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Giving-

During this time of year when end-of-year giving is so essential to many ministries, would you prayerfully consider giving to Ever Increasing Children's Center? Your donation changes lives and helps provide valuable resources. Two important programs are underway in which you can participate.

PIG PROJECT: School administrators provide 1 male and 4 female pigs to needy families within the church body. Families “pay” for the purchase price by giving the first litter back to the school after the spring birthing season. When the litter “payment” is made their comittment to the church ends and all future litters belong to the family- to raise, sell, barter, or use as their own food source. The piglets “paid” to the school are managed by a gatekeeper and, when weened, are used to bless other families. Currently 12 families have received pigs. Your $200 donation will help the school provide four pigs to one of the 30 families on the waiting list. Click the “Donate”button below and designate your giving by noting “Pig Project” during the payment process.

STUDENT SPONSORSHIPS: Monthly tuition to attend Ever Increasing Children’s Center is $40. Since a worker's average daily income in Uganda is about $2 USD, most families are unable to afford educational opportunities for their children. Your $40 monthly sponsorship provides school fees, books, materials, meals, and a portion of the teacher’s salary. A sponsorship changes the life of one child forever. If interested please contact me for photos and bios of available children (