Wednesday, February 20, 2013


     There is much good news coming from Bukasa this month.  Hopefully you know by now that Pastor George and his school/church board have been busy renovating specific buildings on the school property.  These improvements, with a spring 2013 deadline, were mandated by the city of Kampala last June in order for the school to remain open.  One major project included purchasing property, closer to the school, on which to build new latrine facilities.  The previous latrine (only two holes) was inadequate for use by 100 students and more than 6 adult staff.  
New deluxe 4-door latrine!
In my most recent post you saw the latest email/photos from Pastor George showing the completed latrines (now 4 holes!)- and just in time for the start of the new semester.  I also learned, just before Christmas, that the city has given Pastor George an extension on the deadline.  It is not clear how much more time has been awarded but any delay is a good sign, and will insure that the school will not close this spring.

Come join us!
     On the heels of this good news I want to announce the next garage sale date: Saturday, March 23, 7 am-noon.  Please begin collecting items you would like to donate and spread the news to all willing donors.  I’ll contact you in early March about drop-off/pick-up of items you’re willing to give to the cause.  I’ll, again, be asking for helping hands to sort, organize, and sell the day of.  Thanks in advance for your willingness to partner with me on this.  This is our main source of funding for Ever Increasing Children’s Center.  As you can guess by the above note, any support we provide now will further the renovations. more quickly satisfy the city requirements and avoid school closure. NEW BLOG COMING: I just learned this week that the “Posterous” blog site will be closing April 1st.  This host will only be working in a twitter format, so posting/editing blog entries will no longer be an option.  I am exploring new hosts that are FREE, easy, and friendly for both you and me.  I will make this change before the April date and keep you posted. 

     Just yesterday I met with a board member of Project Love International to discuss the possibility of initiating child sponsorships for students of Ever Increasing Children’s Center.  There are both logistic and legal issues to sort through, make decisions about, and prepare in advance of this offering.  However, things look promising and I hope, in the near future, to be able to offer you the opportunity to sponsor a student at Bukasa School. This has been a long time goal of Pastor George, his staff, and myself.    
     In the busyness and comfort of our own lives it’s sobering to remember that mothers and fathers in Bukasa, half a world away, want the very things that we want: to raise healthy children, and give them a secure future.  The BIG difference is that we have the means and opportunity to make that happen.  They, without your contributions and support, have neither.  Thanks again for your partnership in this adventure- it’s more important than you know.     

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