Thursday, July 11, 2013

Garage Sale For Bukasa Saturday, July 20!

Dear Supporters-
Wish us much success on our July 20 garage sale!
          We are holding our next Bukasa garage sale on Saturday, July 20.  If you have items you would like to donate please call me (805-492-4020) for a drop off time, or schedule a time for me to swing by and pick up.  We will take any/all items except beds, mattresses, bed frames, or box springs.  (Based on our long history doing garage sales, bed items have always been notorious for NOT selling and being difficult to get rid of.)  Items that sell well are toys, clothing, tools, sports equipment, household goods, games, and electronics in working order.
The faces of children you are supporting in Bukasa
          The site of the garage sale has changed.  Instead of being at my house in Thousand Oaks, it will be hosted at 4183 Mountain Creek, in Newbury Park.  It is a joint effort with another Bukasa supporter who has offered to donate her time, many items, the driveway/front yard, and all proceeds to Bukasa- a big thank you to the Kenyon family!

          This sale comes at a critical time.  In its present condition the city of Kampala has allowed Ever Increading Children's Center to conduct classes this semester which began June 3rd.  However, in order to remain open for the fall semester (starting late Aug.) and beyond, a new kitchen must be built.  A portion of the funds we generate on July 20th will be put toward rental property near the school to house a temporary kitchen.  This step has been approved by the city with the condition that as funds come in, an adjacent lot to the school be purchased ($8000), and a new kitchen built ($3000).  Timeline is hopefully before the end of the year.
Pastor George- founder of
 Ever Increasing Children's Center, Bukasa
          Your support and donations of both funds/items for garage sales are tremendous encouragements to Pastor George as he makes good on his commitment to the families and children of Bukasa.  Thank you for your partnership in this ministry.

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