Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Garage Sale Successful!

We held our Bukasa garage sale last Saturday.  Many of the items and much of the furniture offered was Deanne's dad's, he passed away on September 20th.  He was very supportive of our Bukasa ministry and would have been please that he could benefit our worthy cause even to the very end.  In fact, he was one of our first supporters to sponsor a student.  A few weeks before his death he made sure to let me know that he wanted to continue the sponsorship for another year- thank you Papa George!
So, for the 30th time, we filled up the front yard and driveway with donated items and set our goal of earning at least $1000.  With the slow strart and, as it turned out, a slow day we were unsure whether we would make more than $500.  But the Lord is faithful to this ministry, as He has shown all along, and we ended up at noon with $870!  We still have a recliner, a dresser, and assorted original framed art  pieces to sell on Craig's List, so the final amount could be significantly more.  All funds will go toward helping Pastor George finish his goal of completing the second story classroom, office, and latrine.
Just wanted to share our good news with you and thank you for your donations, contributions, encouragement and prayers.
A special thanks to Michael and Susan Barrett, and Sophia Beccue who helped set up on Friday; to Anna Zepeda who helped sell all morning; and to Phil Beccue who happily volunteered some time selling, then came back at the end of the day to clean-up and pack away all the left-overs.  Many thanks to all!

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