Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Garage Sale Success!

 Dear Bukasa Supporters-
        Since 2009, when we first traveled to Bukasa Village in Uganda, we have been hosting garage sales to raise funds to help support Pastor George's school.  Of the 28 that we have conducted so far we've never earned more than we did last Saturday.  If we reach between $800-$1000 we feel fortunate, so we are very grateful to report that we earned $1,307!
The goods we sell come from you: church members, Bukasa supporters, Bukasa student sponsors, neighbors, friends, and family members.  We host 3-4 garage sales per year and never lack for items- thanks to our many donating partners.  We advertise in the newspaper, on-line, and by word of mouth.  About two months before each event we put the word out to supporters and partners and they begin collecting items to donate.  
The picture below was taken Saturday, 11/14, but it typifies what takes place at every sale we have.  We often get a chance to share our mission goal, talk about the students and the village school, Pastor George and his work, etc.  The banner on the balcony is a great conversation starter.  We frequently get donations beyond the cost of the item being purchased.  By now, regular garage sale goers look for our ad in the paper.  They know we offer a wide variety of goods and at very reasonable prices.  Every dollar earned goes directly to Pastor George for his immediate need.   
Our current goal is to help Pastor George purchase an adjacent building in order to expand his school by adding two more classrooms.  The funds from this work, student sponsorships, and other gifts will go directly toward this goal.
KIF (Kingdom Investment Foundation of Tucson), thank you for being a valuable partner.  You have helped us the past two years by awarding us $5,612 in 2014 and $8,500 in 2015.  The total from these two generous grants ($14,112) would be equal to us earning our all-time best amount at 11 consecutive garage sales!  Considering we only conduct 3-4 per year, this amount represents 3-4 years of garage sale work for our support team!  We are so appreciative that with your support we have been able to shorten the timeline for Pastor George allowing him to build and expand his school much sooner than would be possible from our iheartBukasa ministry alone.  Thank you all for being the hands and feet of Christ for the children of Ever Increasing Children's Ministry. 
Many blessings to you all from our team,
Bob Rhoads

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