Monday, July 18, 2016

A Visit From Bukasa

Dear Friends and Supporters of Bukasa School-
Our good friend, Carol Biyinzika, from Bukasa Village is coming to Thousand Oaks!  While on our mission trip to Bukasa in 2014 Carol was our gifted interpreter and delightful companion.  She is working her way through nursing school and has been assigned as part of the medical support staff for a traveling Ugandan sports team.  While the team is in the USA she is taking a California side-trip to spend a few days with us.
She will be sharing news, updates, and current needs of Pastor George's school in Bukasa.  If you are considering joining us for Bukasa Mission 2017, Carol would love to talk to you.  She will be announced at Living Oaks Church and will be available in the foyer following each service to answer questions, make new friends, and meet many Bukasa supporters.  
The Bukasa 2014 mission team is hosting a reception for Carol on Sunday afternoon, July 24.  We are looking forward to you meeting her and having one-on-one time with her.  You will enjoy meeting this delightful and energetic young woman.  Hopefully she will ignite in you a passion to travel to Bukasa someday and experience this ministry for yourself.

What: Reception for Carol from Bukasa Village, Uganda
When: Sunday, July 24
Time: 3-5 pm
Where: Rhoads' house, 838 Silver Cloud St, TO


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