Monday, February 6, 2017

Join us for Bukasa 2017 Summer Mission, July 1-13! 
     At Pastor George’s request our activities will include presenting VBS style activities for children; providing women’s Bible study; offering pastor training; providing local language Bibles for pastors and church members; visiting classrooms, teachers, and students; praying with students and parents in their homes; distributing children’s shoes; sharing personal lessons learned from Scripture; exchanging favorite Bible passages; and presenting encouraging, Christ centered messages to groups and individuals. 
Pastor George is in the process of  purchasing a building, adjacent to Bukasa School.  His goal is to transform it into classrooms thus accommodating two additional grade levels. This will be a step toward satisfying a city requirement of expanding the school to include fourth through seventh grades.  Depending on fund raising and speed of construction, the project might be far enough along for us to be able to help finish some aspects of the renovation while we are there.
During the many activities listed above we will also be building  relationships with new acquaintances as well as renewing and enjoying old friendships.  We’ll have meals together, share the gospel, discuss family, and  compare the every-day life of our different worlds.   
Besides serving in Bukasa Village we will also spend 2 days at God Cares Schools- one day each at the primary and high school campuses. These schools were founded by Pastor Dongo, who was the pastor of Kabalagala Pentecostal Church in Kampala, from which Pastor George was commissioned to plant the church in Bukasa Village. Some of you may remember that Pastor Dongo recently passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer.  The good news is that God’s work, through Pastor Dongo’s family, continues to thrive! 
Prayerfully consider your participation in our mission trip this summer. Call or email me ( with any questions or for clarification.
Duration: 13 days
We look forward to this journey as God prepares the way ahead. 

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