Thursday, May 2, 2013

Note From Pastor George

Bukasa Supporters-
Below is the latest note from Pastor George.  They are near the end of the current semester and the deadline from the city regarding improvements completed/the school closing is fast approaching.  We don't know if they will give grace beyond the extension they have already issued.
The kitchen property has been purchased, but construction is yet to begin for lack of funds.  This is the only remaining renovation the city is requesting to be competed for the school to remain open.  The next school term begins June 3.  After reading Pastor George's words would you prayerfully consider being a contributing partner to help complete the kitchen project?  It would be greatly appreciated. You can mail your tax-deductible contribution to:

Project Love International,
5855 Topanga Canyon
Suite 400
Woodland Hills
please write "Bukasa" on the memo line

Thanks in advance for considering this opportunity,

P.S. the loan Pastor refers to in his note is in response to info I sent him regarding a foundation near Kampala offering "micro-loans" to help locals launch small businesses.  Once the $200 micro loan is repaid, the entrepreneur is independent of any outside financial assistance and can continue to provide needed funds for their families.  Business owners are trained by a local volunteer in business practices, banking proceedures, purchasing, accounting, etc.  Apparently he misunderstood and thought the loan might be for school improvements.  So goes the slow progress of communication between USA and Uganda.  I shall try again to clarify but his comment points to his concern about the state of the school and the responsibility he feels for making sure it succeeds.

Pastor's note:

dear Jaja Bobby greatings to you your family plus all our friends and supporters in Jesus name.
I thank you for all that you do to help us mat the lord Jesus Christ bless all of you.
This  week we will sending children home for their holiday ,we thank you so much for your prayers and support.
We have used the money you sent us to pay the teachers salary,and other emidiet needs we had in the school, as we were closing our first term in the school.
kids are coming back to school on 3/6/2013, so that is when the city wants us to be through with the kitchen , so we are praying for Gods provision because we dont want the school to be closed.
So i dont know if you can get same one to give us a loarn as the school this can help, in Uganda it not easy you need to give in the property you have in order to get a loarn like the one you have tolked about finka Uganda has taken meny peoples property.
So dont know hoe we can go through this it is only God who knows.
send my greetings to all.
serving jesus together,
Pastor Kisolo George.

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