Friday, May 31, 2013

New Semester Begins...We Hope!

Dear Friends of Bukasa-  In my last communication with Pastor George he mentioned that the city might close the school if specific building projects have not been completed.  We as yet don't know the final decision from the city.   As the new semester approaches (starting anew June 3) Pastor George explains below some new developments that I wanted to pass on to you.  In addition we are looking for a corporate sponsor that might help support Bukasa on a monthly basis.  If you know of a lead I might follow in this regard, or if interested in sponsoring a child at the school, please contact me.  Thanks again for you continued support and prayers.

Dear Jaja Bobby-
Greetings to you in the mighty name of our lord Jesus Christ, how are you now days? and how is the work of God going on over there, hope you are doing well in Jesus name
we want to thank God for you,  for every thing that you are helping us with, may the good lord Jesus bless you all.
Yes big Ron has communicated to me through email, and he said that  they have sent you Marys help which will be good news to Mary.
No we have not received packages you sent, being that pastor Dongo was in the Us maybe that is the reason  of not getting them in time, i know soon we will receive them.
The city has said that the only way we will remain open is that we need,
1 to register the school with the ministry of education, which can cost us like $500
2 We need need to show them that were in the proses of putting up the kitchen, and also to paint all the classes, and to renovate all the broken chairs and add on other new ones .
Concerning the land and the kitchen , first we need to bay the near by house in which we can construct a kitchen and also the remaining part can work as two classrooms
But only to by this House it will cost us: $8000 this is to bay only  the good thing is that this house has three rooms which can work us classrooms and kitchen.
So the school Bord has suggested that we start with house which we can have a kitchen and two other classes, we will do the rest in  future 

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