Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hope4Kids Event Saturday June 22

Dear Friends-
This weekend I am participating in the Hope4Kids walk/run event held at CLU from 8 am-2 pm.  The event is to raise funds for foster youth in Ventura County.  It is a joint effort between Living Oaks Community Church, Ventura County Human Services Agency, and a variety of community partners.  Monies raised will go directly to assist foster youth in paying for extracurricular activities such as sports equipment, camps, musical instruments, art activities, driver's education courses and more.  Besides the walk/run there will be a silent auction and many raffles at selected vendor booths. 
Rather than being a runner, I will be a vendor under one of the canopies displaying information about Bukasa School (Blythe is on tour with her Agoura youth group).  I'll have our crosses and hearts for sale and will make student sponsorships available to all who are interested.  
I am hoping for huge support for foster youth of our community and look forward to sharing our outreach to Ever Increasing Children's Center in Uganda.  Hope to see you there this Saturday.
Bob and Blythe

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