Tuesday, November 19, 2013

More Good News!

          I have recently been in touch with Pastor George discussing the monthly need of Ever Increasing Children's Center. In order for him to meet on-going financial obligations such as teacher/Headmistress salaries, daily meals, needed books/materials, uniforms, maintenance of property, and completing required renovations, etc., he needs about $400 pr/mo.

Greetings from the classroom window.
          Through your help and support we have been able to send 3-4 lump-sum donations per year. Howevere, because donation totals vary and frequency is intermittent, budgeting and meeting obligations is very difficult. But… here is the GOOD NEWS! The board of Project Love International has generously donated $3800 to Bukasa to help meet the school's monthly need. The above amount will be disbursed in $400 monthly increments providing steady school income into 2014. With subsequent funds from donors, and perhaps new sponsors, we hope to be able to further this monthly support. We'll also continue sending our lump-sum donations as the Lord provides.

          I'm grateful for each of you- for your prayers and financial support. I'm thankful to Project Love International for allowing us to partner with them, for their financial support, and for their heart for God and His work half a world away. Thank you for partnering with Him and Bukasa School to improve the lives of His little ones. God's hand in this work is evident.

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