Monday, November 4, 2013

Response from Pastor George

After receiving our latest donation Pastor George sent the note below expressing his thanks and appreciation.  We were able to include additional funds from other generous donors so the total he received was $1333.  Thanks again for your support and contributions to this school.

Dear Jaja Bobby,
Pastor George
Greetings to you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ how is your family doing hope you all do well in Jesus name.
I want to  bring greetings from all the staffe of ever increasing childrens center they love and pray for all of you, and they thank you for your support may the lord bless you all.
I got  the funds, and we have discided to work on toilet, two more rooms, this project will cost about $800 and we are expecting to finish it on tuesday next week.
the city told us to have six roomed toilete, two rooms for the boy and two for girls two for teachers.
So we used same of the funds to pay teachers salary and  $80 that went to suzanne & sophia.
and the rest of the funds warks on toilet . we want to bring our apriciation to all our
friends and supporters to what they are  doing for us may the lord bless you all.
May him who blesses  bless you all, serving the lord together pastor kisolo George.

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