Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bukasa Garage Sale- Saturday, March 23!

     This Saturday 3/23, 7am-noon, we are hosting our first spring Garage sale to benefit Bukasa School.
A big thank you to all who donated items including the anonymous drop-offs on the driveway!  Every generous donation helps a little one.

We have scheduled "set up" on Friday, 3/22 at 3:00 pm.  Come if you can help.  We need hands to pull items out and arrange everything before the big event.  Normally it takes about 2 hours with 4-5 people pitching in.  No obligation to stay the whole 2 hours but whatever time you can give is appreciated.  Call (805-492-4020) or email ( to give me a heads-up.

We could always use help Saturday morning to meet, greet, share the cause, and make sales (we rovide home-made banana bread and coffee).  We'd also like to recruit a few helpers in the morning, and a few in the late morning to clean up and make "leftovers" ready for pick-up by ARC on Tues.  Again no obligation to stay all day.

Jane Kabasita- age 6, Sponsored!
Final good news!  We have found a sponsor for one of our 4 students!  We are officially on our way with our sponsorship program, one child at a time.

Thanks again for you continued support and interest in Bukasa.

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