Saturday, March 16, 2013

Student Sponsorships Now Available!

          We have just received the official "green light" from the board of Project Love International for Bukasa Student Sponsorships!  All elements are in place and accounting procedures set up so that we may begin soliciting and accepting sponsors.  Pastor George sent these photos of the first 4 (soon to be 5) students with the greatest need.  I have "Bukasa Student Sponsorship" brochures ready for distribution, each containing a brief history of the school (Ever Increasing Children's Center), photo/info/bio about the needy child, and a form requesting general sponsor info. 
Jane Kabasita- age 6
Bashir Mugerwa- age 8
          If you would like to sponsor one of these children, contact me ( and I will provide the brochures for you to look through.  Once you have selected your child, completed the form, and mailed the $40 support check to PLI, that child is officially sponsored, meaning: monthly tuition fee paid, daily meal, uniform, and materials all provided!
          As a sponsor, you will receive monthly newsletters/updates with payment envelopes included for your next payment.  Should the child withdraw from the school for any reason, you will be notified and the sponsorship will be terminated.  You will have the option at that time to continue supporting another child if you wish- and it is our hope that you will!  If for any reason you are unable to continue your sponsorship, please notify me ASAP so I can notify Pastor George, and PLI, and search for another sponsor in your place.

Tumwebaze Namala- age 7
          Your sponsorships provide an opportunity for your selected child to get an education and better his/her life and the lives of their family members.  It also provides relief for those families who are making bitter sacrifices to pay for their child's education.  In some cases parents are only able to pay for schooling intermittently.  
Josire Bwire- age 4
         Your sponsorship relieves the financial difficulty for these families as well as greatly helping their children.  Many thanks from us for considering a Bukasa Student Sponsorship!

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