Sunday, March 24, 2013

Great Success!

          God continues to provide and amaze me with His faithfulness! We had great success at our garage sale on Saturday- our total income was $712!  Added to other miscellaneous donations and additional Missions Fair sales at Living Oaks Community Church, NP, last Friday, we will be sending Pastor George slightly more than $1000.  A big thanks to all who contributed goods, donated money, purchased items at the Missions Fair (and the garage sale), and who continue to pray for God's work in Bukasa.  And a special thanks to Ana Zepeda who came early and helped all day making sales and promoting our cause!
One of the five classrooms
          I will be contacting Project Love to hand off the contributions.  The funds will then be made available to Pastor George as soon as possible this week.  I look forward to his update from Bukasa, and hearing his plan for future improvements and what's next on the list.  I'll keep you posted when I hear from him.

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